About Me

HeatherI’m Heather Porter, a Sydney based Event Coordinator and Adventurer.  Nothing inspires me more than the sheer realisation that “we are capable”.  My goal in life is to share the love and INSPIRE others by showing them it’s possible through my own adventures, and by encouraging them to give it a try. I blog my adventures so others can see the journey of a “normal” person getting out there and making it happen.

My favourite pursuits (in order) are mountain biking, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, abseiling and generally anything outdoors.  I make a point to call them pursuits these days because they are so much more than hobbies.  Almost every weekend I’ll be out there doing something, always learning for myself, and often teaching others as well.  I’ve always got something big planned.

Heather Porter
I’m a fellow Adventure Racer, and nothing drives me more than proving to myself that I
am capable of such a challenge, despite learning to ride a bike less than 2 years ago.  I remember being a beginner to a scary new activity, it was frustrating and terrifying, but so so rewarding, thanks to the support of my mentors.  Empowering others to achieve the same is now something I strive for.

Scouting is my life, its introduced me to the best people I
know, and taken me on adventures that I’ll never forget.  I’m working towards my Baden Powell Award and using this blog as a form of documentation to show my progress along the way.  Here you’ll find my achievements, roadblocks, inspiration and planning as I start my journey to becoming a Baden Powell Award recipient.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


Instagram: thisramblingrover
Location: Sydney, Australia