Hike Safety

Since we promote hiking, so we want to make sure you feel informed, here's some tips on staying safe while you're out there. Be Prepared The most important thing is to be prepared for your trip.  There’s nothing worse than not having an essential item.  Think ahead, write a pack list and make sure you’re prepared for …

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The Light-Waste Hiking Menu 

While having a limited waste menu does require more planning, the benefits are absolutely worth it. First, get yourself re-usable utensils.  None of this single use plastic cutlery and plates nonsense.  Most adventure stores have lightweight reusable sets and environmentally friendly washing liquid.  Steel or bamboo sets will get you extra points, but since you'll be using these utensils …

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Hike it Out Week

 6-12 November 2017 Happening 6-12th November, Hike it Out week is a chance to get educated on being eco-friendly when outdoors, minimise waste and making time to get outdoors and remove a little litter to make your favourite spot a beautiful place again. Get Involved Get involved by taking the Hike it Out Pledge, following …

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