Hike it Out

Hike it out

Keeping with the rising trend of getting outside and exploring new places for the often gorgeous photo opportunities, we need to address the rising issue of rubbish being left behind as a result.

Lets reset the standards of what we do with litter.  YOUR actions when finding rubbish will directly impact the next persons experience.  Taking it further you could be saving an animals life, protecting our environment and contributing to the item being recycled properly.

Hike it Out is an environmental awareness campaign aimed specifically at building a hiking culture that holds everyone responsible for their own rubbish, and any they find along the way; it’s that simple.  Live by this, encourage your friends to travel and explore with a Hike it Out mentality and suddenly our world will start to look a little cleaner.

Like the Hike it Out Facebook and Instagram for environmentally friendly hiking tips, and support the campaign by tagging your photos with #hikeitouthaul .  The environment is our responsibility, and so is our rubbish.  Together we WILL make a difference.